Full moon and three planets

The full moon passed planet Saturn in Scorpius last night, and luckily I had clear skies right at moonrise, so I managed to image the conjunction from South America. Both celestial bodies easily  fit into a 200mm lens field-of-view (they could have been captured even with a 420mm scope a few hours earlier from Europe). To deal with the brightness contrast, I combined a long exposure (1/2s, f/8, ISO 100) with a short one (1/80s).

Full moon and Saturn rising.  

With the entire sky almost cloudless for a few minutes, I seized the opportunity to take snapshots of all three bright planets visible at the moment: Venus, Jupiter and Saturn. Although my 200mm lens doesn't offer too much magnifying power, Jupiter's Galilean moons and the elengated shape of Saturn's rings are clearly visible in the 100% crops.

Venus, Jupiter and Saturn. All images: 1s exposure time, f/5.6, ISO 1600.
All three images were taken with 1 second exposure time, f/5.6 and ISO 1600. Just a few minutes later, clouds rolled in. Even without a telescope, watching planets can be fun.

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